Reverse Mentorship Project ‘In Some Case’ from Coşkunöz Holding has been started…
The companies, in business world, continue to develop their employees’ career and communication journey through interactive projects every passing day.
Erdem Acay has spoken at the 14th PBYSK
Coşkunöz Holding CEO Erdem Acay and Coşkunöz Holding Business Development Director Burak Başyiğit have visited Ankara Ambassador of Uzbekistan, Alisher Agzamhodjaev with “Capital Brotex Group” LLC Director Nadir Olimkhanov.
INEVA has introduced its technology that transforms waste to energy at IFAT Eurasia
INEVA Çevre Teknolojileri has participated in IFAT Eurasia with its technology that contributes to nature, the environment and renewable energy by eliminating thermal sludge thermally.
A meaningful seminar from Coşkunöz Holding for Women’s Day
Coşkunöz Holding organized a seminar on social gender equality for Working Women’s Day for its employees.
Coşkunöz has visited Uzbekistan Ankara Ambassador
Erdem Acay, CEO of Coşkunöz Holding, and Burak Başyiğit, Business Development Director of Coşkunöz Holding, has visited Alisher Agzamhodjaev, Uzbekistan Ankara Ambassador, with Nadir Olimkhanov, “Capital Brotex Group” LLC Director.
ADALCO has again been qualified to receive the North Star title this year
ADALCO was awarded this year again with the North Star title, which is given to 25 agencies throughout Turkey according to premium production successes of agencies and which is the highest rank in Ergo’s Stars ranking (Rising, Shining, North).
Coşkunöz Alabuga was awarded with a certificate of appreciation
One of the affiliates of Coşkunöz Holding, Coşkunöz Alabuga has been awarded with a certificate of appreciation by Republic of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency for the improvement of investment environment.
20 Million EUR investment from Coşkunöz MA in Romania
Coşkunöz Holding invests in Romania to accelerate export of automotive components manufactured by Coşkunöz MA.
New armor steel “Dagger” is coming
Coşkunöz Holding; within the “R&D Panel” held with the aim of initiating projects in new projected technology fields by T.R. Ministry of Defense Industry, has drawn a contract for the ‘DAGGER’ project.
Altın Eldiven was awarded to Coşkunöz Kalıp Makina with “Near Miss Notification System” in occupational health and safety
Coşkunöz Kalıp Makina AŞ was awarded a grand prize at the MESS Altın Eldiven Occupational Health and Safety Competition organized by the Turkish Metal Industries Association (MESS).
Nature and science transformed into inventions with ‘Bu İşte Bilim Var’ project
Nature and science transformed into inventions with ‘Bu İşte Bilim Var’ project.
Statement of Coşkunöz Holding A.Ş.
The bases of our experience in the industrial area were laid in 1950; our travel to the peak continues among the most significant added-value generating institutions of our country by having important successes from...
Coşkunöz Theatre Club shows its play on the stage
Coşkunöz Theatre Club appeared before audience with its play “Yedi Kocalı Hürmüz”...
Kemal Coşkunöz is remembered with respect
Decedent Kemal Coşkunöz was remembered with love, respect and missing upon his grave at Ahmet Paşa Cemetery by his family, Coşkunöz Holding employees and his friends in 17th years of his death
GEN-Cs Join in Coşkunöz Family
Works on the formation of training programs and the employment of newly graduate persons within the company will continue in line with the different requirements in the coming years..