At Coşkunöz Holding, we take great care to overseel all responsibilities related to our activities towards society, the environment around us, all our staff who are each and every one a valuable member of the Coşkunöz family and our partners, most particularly our suppliers, and we don’t only make sure we comply to all legal obligations without exception but we work along the principle of continual improvement to further develop conditions wherever possible.


Our founder, M.Kemal Coşkunöz, started out on this journey with the aim of growing together with the country’s economy and his principles for sustainable growth; lifelong learning and individual development, contribution to the development of the local economy, pioneering environmental protection matters and encouraging awareness of these issues in society, are followed to this day.


We expect management at all the Holding companies to ensure that in all their activities, extreme care is taken regarding effects on society and the environment, and all necessary contributions should be made to assure development of our staff and the community.


Our Profession is our Future...


With our many years of know how and experience in the industry, our corporate values that have consolidated over this period and our belief that everyone has a responsibilty towards society, we feel that the best contribution we can make towards society with our collective skills is education and we have realised this vision with our Foundation which pioneers projects particularly for vocational education. In line with our responsibilities towards education and youngsters, we have also opened a Sports Club to contribute towards the social development of the youngsters.


The Bursa Coşkunöz Educational Foundation that was founded by M.Kemal Coşkunöz in 1988 has a “public-benefit status” and 80% of its income, which comes from the profits of the Coşkunöz Holding companies, is used for technical education. Since the day it was established, the Coşkunöz Educational Foundation has contributed to the country’s progress by keeping up with all changes in vocational education; it provides technical training as needed by the private and public sectors and society and continues activities as an institute of benchmarking level both nationally and internationally. The Coşkunöz Educational Foundation, that has been an innovator in many areas of technical education, has 3 groups of activities, these can be summarised as:

The Coşkunöz Educational Foundation, that has been an innovator in many areas of technical education, has 3 groups of activities, these can be summarised as:

-  Vocational and Specialist Education

-  Cooperations for Raising Quality Level of Education

-  Scholarships and Support


With all these activities our foundation aims to provide education and skills for our youngsters and ultimately help them find employment.

In 1997 the Coşkunöz Educational Foundation built the M.Kemal Coşkunöz Anatolian Technical High School in the Nilüfer district of Bursa and their aim is, through a strategic cooperation with the National Vocational High School Reinforcement Foundation, to encourage more support to education. The Bursa Coşkunöz Educational Foundation also provides a lot of support to many depts of Uludağ University. It has backed academists with congress sponsorships and in many scientific works. Apart from the aforementioned support, also every year cash grants are given to 50 successful high school and university students and grants for accommodation are given to 25 students.


The same care taken in the Coşkunöz Holding companies regarding quality level and conformance to international standards is also taken over our corporate social responsbillities.